Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Everything is improved by Dragons

This is Jacki, of Emergency Pants fame, eating lunch on our way to Hanoi train station:

The potato-banana (which probably has a real name) is an excellent addition to any meal.

After lunch, I visited the Temple of Aggressive Topiary

Otherwise known as the Temple of Literature. It's basically a shrine to Confuscious, built along the idea that everything is improved by dragons.

(Although the flag doesn't have a dragon on it - they missed a trick there.)

I spent a fair amount of time considering the internal monologues of the statuary:
" Is this an Elephant? It doesn't feel like an elephant..."
 "Um, Trevor?"
 "I thought there was supposed to be a tortoise! This isn't a tortoise! Trevor! Where have you taken us??"
Wood Ghoul doesn't say anything. She just weeps for the lost.
 Skeptical tortoise is skeptical. When everyone is quite finished, he'd like his elephants, please.
 Do you like my hair?

When you're as old as I am, all of this will seem mere trivia, my friends.

Also, by special request, selfies:
 Yup. Dragons.
Dragons, and being short.
Me and Vietnam have a lot in common...

So, that was today.
Apparently my luggage will be here tomorrow. I hope so, because I've booked a sleeper to Sapa for tomorrow night, and if my luggage doesn't get here by then, things may start to get interesting. Maybe I'll find out just how far one can go with one change of clothes and a kindle!


  1. Fraggggle :D

    Looking good!

    Hope pants reunite self with you, yay for wonderful fellow travelers :D

  2. Yeah. Looks like fun. Can't wait for next post.