Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hair of the dog?

After a Christmas day wandering Saigon, I managed my first bad call on street food.
Mystery meat dumpling thing did not agree with me in the slightest.
Today is a bit of a write-off, although I've had worse.

Planning for next stage of trip still needs to happen, but at least I'm booked into this hostel for another night yet, and can easily extend it.

Not that I want to. Saigon at night is pretty cool, and Christmas eve was amazing here, but it ain't Ha Noi or Da Lat, and I'll be happy to move on.
As a city, it's very smoggy, and really dirty - which means that combined with the heat, it smells rather unpleasant. It's busy, and in the evenings I suppose you'd call it vibrant, but it just isn't very *interesting*. Then again, I've not really poked the monuments or historical buildings or anything, so I may be doing it a disservice. They might clean those.

At some point today, I will hopefully feel able to drag myself out of bed and get to a tour agent to see what I need to do for moving on.

Currently trying to make three very important decisions:
Do I book a Mekong tour, or try to explore it myself?
Which method shall I use to get to Cambodia?
Should I attempt to eat this banana?


  1. Explore it yourself. I initially misread that as a Mekon tour. You'd need Dan Dare for that normally.

    Jet pack. It's the only way to enter Cambodia. The locals wont respect you otherwise.

    Yes. You're welcome.

  2. Exciting adventures. Hope you recover from mystery "meat" soon x