Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I'm not sure what day it is anymore, but I'm assured by various sources that it's Tuesday, so we'll go with that for now.
Last Wednesday, I finished up at work.
Thursday said farewell to my climbing buddies.
Saturday was an amazing wedding, with the Best Wedding Cake Ever. I shall make there be pictures when I am less sleep deprived.

I packed until 3am Saturday, got up again at 5am to travel to Edinburgh, for a flight to Cardiff. Lunch at home, then back to Cardiff for a train to London and dinner with my best friend, her husband, and my boyfriend.
Up at 5.50 Sunday morning (almost a lie in), for a flight to Paris, then on to Hanoi, where I landed at 5.50 this morning.

My luggage is still in Paris.
So that's a thing.
It seemed like much more of an impediment this morning, particularly as I hadn't (as I'd thought) saved the name and address of my hostel to my phone, so couldn't give it to the airport for them to forward my luggage, and the phone number of the lost and found was engaged most of the day.

I neglected to put enough emergency spare pants in my hand luggage, but I did pack a toothbrush so all is not lost.
I apparently fail at sensible distribution of luggage. I have no doubt this will change over the next few months.

I've been told just now that my bag will arrive at the hostel in Hanoi on Thursday, so I'll be in Hanoi somewhat longer than I anticipated. On the plus side, it might be an opportunity to go and do some trekking before I have a ton of stuff to be weighed down by, so tomorrow's job will be to try to get something organised for the north of Vietnam for the next couple of days.

Jacki, of the USA via Italy, Thailand and Laos, is gifting me a pair of trousers, so I can wash the ones I've been wearing for the last 3... 4 days. Hurrah for random strangers.

Hanoi while under stress and sleep dep is wonderfully kind and helpful (and suffering of fools). Hanoi after sleep and with a belly full of street food makes a random trip with minimal gear while waiting on luggage an exciting rather than terrifying prospect.

I'll need to check whether the fact my mosquito net is still in Paris is a deal-breaker for the north. I'll find out in the morning.


  1. Have fun and hope your luggage catches up with you. I look forward to reading all about your Big OE!

  2. I'm glad that people are being helpful. Paris is rather good at keeping luggage, Chris and up lost ours there for nearly a week last time we went to America. Perhaps now that you've lost it once, that won't happen again? Can you claim on insurance for buying a few bits of clothing etc?
    It was lovely to see you. Thank you for taking the time to come out with us.