Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I've quit my job, given notice on my flat, and on Monday I will fly to Hanoi with a donated 45l rucksack containing a week's clothes, a Kindle and a few phrasebooks.

Tomorrow will be my last day at work. Saturday I have a wedding to go to, and Sunday I will be travelling from Glasgow to London via Edinburgh and Cardiff.
I have not yet packed, and I'm low on phrasebooks.
I can be something of a last-minuter.

I am resoundingly calm about the whole enterprise, but for the fact that the washing machine is broken.
Resigning during a recession, in order to leave the country and spend my life savings exploring a small list of countries selected mainly on a whim and a prayer, is causing me very little psychological discomfort.
I am, however, sitting here at close to midnight five days before I leave and having a minor meltdown at the idea of having to do washing as soon as I get there.

I'll just add a pack of knickers to the shopping list of phrasebooks.

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