Thursday, 8 May 2014

A week is a perfectly reasonable layover

I am very glad that Sydney is an English-speaking country.

Trying to explain in another language that I didn't know the address I'd be staying at, because I would be staying with old friends who had emigrated, and they were picking me up at the airport so I hadn't written down the address... well. It would have been tricky.

Fortunately, the Australian immigration staff were forgiving of my ineptitudes, I was allowed into the country, and they didn't search all my bags for television (they were recording some kind of Australian version of 'Airport' that day).

After five weeks of travelling at holiday pace, it was wonderful to spend a week relaxing with Dan and Neil, and Ruby and Borbie. Darkly irreverent humour and political exposition, while drinking sake and plum liquer and eating food with minimal rice content was just what I needed. It was also interesting to get an opinion on Scottish independence from a Scot who doesn't get to vote, who's situation abroad may well be reliant on the result of the referendum.

One week in Australia is an unusual option, but my excuse is that it was a perfectly reasonable stopover, and entirely en route from Tokyo to Santiago. And I'm sticking to it.

We did some tourist stuff too, of course...

 Neil and Dan, at the Blue Mountains near Katoomba

 Grammar for humourous effect. One approves.

 It's not litter if you put up a sign saying how long it's been there...

 This is my biggest fan...


 Rar is I love you, in dinosaur

 The Sydney harbour bridge appears to be held together with baby Daleks...

 Still looks creepily like the bottom of Dean Street in Newcastle

 Not quite this creepy. That's taking things too far...

Thanks guys! I had a wonderful week. Hopefully it won't be so long before I see you again.

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